Top 3 MTB Trails in Southern California


Looking for some rad MTB trails to ride in Southern California? Look no further! We reached out to Orange County local and Freeride MTB legend, Richie Schley, to help us come up with the best trails in Southern California. 

Richie, who spends more time on SoCal trails than just about anyone, broke down the reasons why these 3 trails are his favorite trails in Southern California.

Trail #1: Backdoor

Required skill level: Intermediate to Advanced

Best time to go: After rain.

Know before you go: There are some spots that have some exposure if you fall. It’s a bit steep, but no uncontrolled skidding.

Distance: 1 mile

Backdoor is a flowy trail that has its challenging parts without being too gnarly. This makes Backdoor a blast for riders who want to try some more advanced riding without feeling overwhelmed. Towards the end of the trail, it becomes just steep enough to feel like you’re surfing but not too scary. It has a lot of turns in that sections, so be aware of that. An Enduro or All-Mountain MTB would be best for Backdoor.

There are some forks on the trail, so be sure to follow the map closely. There are hikers who visit the trail regularly, so keep an eye out for them on the blind corners. Richie said if you can’t make it to Backdoor, a great alternative trail that’s similar is Canyon Acres.

Trail #2: Neverland Jumpline

Required skill level: Advanced

Best time to go: Saturday Morning after grooming

Know before you go: Its a bike park, so you have to pay and you have to pedal your self up – but the trails are very well maintained!

Distance: 1/2 Mile

With Neverland Jumpline being in a bike park, you get unique benefits of a well-thought-out and maintained trail. This trail has amazing flow, is fast, and has some medium sized jumps that you can hit if you feel comfortable. Its easy to overshoot some of the jumps so keep your takeoff speed in mind on this one!

The first wooden feature is hard to make with out pedaling. It’s also a bit sketchy, but after that, its smooth sailing!

Trail #3: Mickey’s Teebox

Required skill level: Advanced

Best time to go: After rain or during a sunset.

Know before you go: There are some spots that have some exposure if you fall. Very Steep and technical with tight turns and slippery when dry.

Distance: 1/2 mile

Mickey’s Teebox isn’t on any map that we’ve found – guess that makes it a true local treasure! Be sure to follow our Google Map link to find where it starts.

This a challenging and technical trail that advanced riders will love! The views on this trail will blow your mind. If you get a chance to go during sunset, you will not be disappointed! There’s a fun jump at the top and amazing visuals right away. You’ll encounter a lot of rock that’s steep and loose, so plan accordingly!

Did we miss any?

There’s hundreds, maybe thousands, of MTB trials in southern California. There’s probably some other hidden gems out there that are waiting to be discovered. Did we miss any? The great weather and beautiful views found in SoCal almost always make for a great ride.

Big thanks to Richie for giving us an inside scoop on the best trails in SoCal. If you’d like to demo a Fezzari and take it on one of these trails, reach out to him via Instagram here and he can set you up with a Fezzari demo!

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