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How to Choose A Mountain Bike

Over the years, mountain biking has evolved and changed to form many different types of riding, demanding bikes that perform incredibly well in their own unique discipline–whether that’s racing cross country, shredding local singletrack, or hitting jumps at the bike park. In turn, the bike industry has responded with frames, components, and whole systems that […]

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The Proper Way to Lube Your Chain

4 Easy Steps to Lube Your Chain Keeping your chain lubed will make it last longer and help your drivetrain run quieter. Make sure you start the lube process with a clean chain. Step 1: Establish a Reference Point Find a point on the chain to reference so you know when you have lubed the […]

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8 Reasons to Ride a Fat Bike

Ever wonder why in the heck someone would ride a fat bike? Here are 8 reasons why riding a fat bike might be for you.. 1) Ride bikes in the winter This is the best way to ride bikes in the winter, whether you’re a mountain biker or road biker. Recently we had a dedicated […]

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