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The Cascade Peak: Changes in the Bicycle Industry PART 1

Recent years have seen tremendous changes in the bicycle industry–it seems like everything from wheelsize to drivetrain has been re-thought, re-built, and re-vamped. For those heavily invested in the bicycle industry, it’s all like a dream come true–each change giving us the smoother, faster, better handling we’ve been begging for. But for many, all these […]

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One Review You’ll REALLY Want To Read

Most bicycle reviews (not to mention plus bike reviews) read something along these lines: First, an analogy for how smooth it is, “This bike was butter smooth…” and then, simply,  “It was outrageously fun..”  Once you’ve read one, it seems you’ve read most.  After just a few reads, reviews just blend together in a fog of “awesome-ness” […]

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