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Foré CR5 Industry Review: Peloton Magazine

  The 2015 Fezzari Foré CR5 road bike was recently put through a long term review by Peloton Magazine.  The Foré CR5, part of the Fezzari Foré Collection, is the latest and greatest in road race and all-around road bike performance.  What did the riders and testers at Peloton Magazine think of Fezzari’s latest creation?  Scroll […]

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Cycling to a Sexier Butt

It’s Got Your Back Your rear end is one of the biggest and most powerful group of muscles in your body. It’s in charge of extending your trunk and laterally moving and extending your hips so it helps you perform movements like climbing stairs and rising from a seated position—things that you do practically on […]

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Top 5 Weight Lifting Exercises for Cyclists

The off-season is a great time to tone down your intense cardiovascular training and focus on building your leg muscles in the gym.  Building your leg muscles will help with overall power as well as endurance.  Weight lifting also requires your body to use many of the smaller muscles required for balance and agility.  Here […]

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