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The Fit

As part of the Fezzari 23-Point Custom Setup Program, we need the following measurements from you:

1. Height

Give us your overall height (without shoes).

2. Weight

We know your weight fluctuates, so just give us a good estimate or average.

3. Age

Why do we need your age? It just gives us a little more info on the rider (for example, someone 75 years old may want it set up a little differently than someone 18 years old). If it's for a teenager and they're still growing, state that in the comments below.

4. Gender

Male or Female?

5. Inseam

Standing up, measure from the top of your crotch to the ground (note: it may help to put a book vertically between your legs to help get the top of your inseam). Make sure you get as precise as possible to ensure proper seatpost/dropper length. Measure inseam with riding shoes.

6. Shoulder Width

With arms lowered, measure from outside of one shoulder to the other in a straight line (we don't need the curvature of your back, for example). Keep your arm straight.

7. Arm Length

Grip your hand into a fist (like your grabbing a handlebar) and measure from the middle knuckle to the shoulder bone (at the end of your shoulder).

8. Torso

Measure from the top of your crotch to the base of your neck (the soft spot just above your sternum). Note: another way to take this measurement is to measure from the ground to the base of your neck and subtract the Inseam length.


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