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Better Components

Top Quality

Not only are the frames on our bikes top quality, but so are the components we use. We use top of the line forks, shocks, wheels, and drivetrains. We work with the suspension fork and shock companies to ensure these components work in harmony with our frames. For example, each Fox shock we use has been customized specifically for our frames to enhance performance. We work with drivetrain, wheel and other component manufacturers regularly so we can build the best quality bike available.

Not only do we put the best quality components on our bikes in the places you immediately notice, like fork, or derailleurs, but we use high quality parts in the not-so-noticeable areas like chain, handle bars, stem, bearings, and bottom bracket. You'll notice the difference down the road.

Want something different than what the current Fezzari model has? Let us know. We can help you out by building your dream bike. We can change suspension parts, get you those carbon wheels you have always wanted, or upgrade handlebars, crankset, or get you a different tire for your specific riding conditions.

Bottom line: you get the best quality components for your money with a Fezzari.


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