Universal Tech

Included on select Fezzari Mountain & Road Bikes

Alloy Tech

Aluminum is one of the most durable, light, and stiff metals available. Recent advances in aluminum bicycle frame building have made these alloy frames even better and caused a resurgence in its use. Fezzari uses the latest technologies available, and we trickle many of these technologies down to even our entry-level bikes.

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Adaptable Cable Guides

In frames that are manufactured with internal cable routing, we use cable guides that are compatible with all types of components, including electronic drivetrains. This makes it easier to switch out components down the road.

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CNT Carbon Tech

Carbon has become the high-end go-to material for bike building. It's lighter than aluminum or other materials and can be adapted to be either flexible or stiff. Carbon construction technology has advanced rapidly in the last few years. Fezzari uses the latest technologies, and has many proprietary technologies. Plus, we back our carbon with the best warranty in the business.

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Force Dispersal Bands

In standard frame building technology, different tubes are joined together at their joints with glue. With our Force Dispersal Band Technology we wrap the carbon through the joints connecting all the joints together. For example, some of the greatest forces on a frame are in the bottom bracket shell area during pedaling and cornering. To strengthen that area and provide more linear force diffusion, we connect the down tube, seat tube, and chain stay directly (not all through the bottom bracket) which allows for more consistent and optimal performance. This gives better power transfer, increase frame strength, and a more consistent feel through the entire frame.

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I-Beam Tech

You want your bike to be laterally stiff and vertically compliant (when you're standing up and cranking or cornering, you want the frame stiff, but when you're going over bumps you want the frame to absorb a little more of the impact). On a basic level, with our I-Beam technology, we build our tubes wider horizontally and narrower vertically. We also use different moduluses of carbon on different parts of the frame to strengthen and soften the frame (for more info on Modulus, see CNT Carbon Tech). All this gives you a more efficient and comfortable ride. 

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Frame Defense Tech

We want our frames to last, and last. To protect our frames, we do several things:

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FIST (Fezzari Intensive Strength Testing). All of our frames are tested to the highest standards, even if we aren't required to meet those standards in specific markets. For example, the highest standards have been EU standards, and now have recently been moving to ISO standards. We comply with all these and back our frames and bicycles up with the best warranties in the business. These tests also include extensive testing on a variety of fatigue testing machines and in-field riding.

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FBS Analytics

FBS Analystics (Full Bike System Analytics). We don’t just build frames, we build entire systems. All our frame technologies could go to waste if we didn't also look at the entire bike and the components we put on. We opt for simplicity and durability. For example, bottom bracket technology has gone all over the place in the last few years, confusing even the most knowledgeable and providing minimal performance differences. Although we use different technologies, where possible we stay true to the simplest and most efficient bottom bracket systems, making it easier for do-it-yourselfers, and also easier for cleaning and maintenance.

Other things that we do:

  • Match rim width to tire size/width
  • Gearing matches wheel and tire size
  • Set screws on the back of frames for precise wheel installation and wheel changes (CR4 and CYX cyclocross)
  • Closure systems on the forks for fast wheel changes with thru axles (CR4 and CYX cyclocross)

Yes, we do offer framesets alone and custom builds, but the complete build systems on our website have been fully tested.

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Internal Cable Routing

Many of our frames feature internal cable routing for a cleaner look and better aerodynamics. These include not only brakes and shifters, but also dropper posts with internal cable routing.

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Tru-Trac Control

Whether you're on a trail or road, you want your bike to stay on track and not bounce or move off of your intended path when you encounter bumps, g-forces, or other obstacles.  We are on the cutting edge of technology development in this area. For example:

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Carbon Tube to Tube Construction

The premier road frame carbon construction technique. Through our tube-to-tube processes we are able to know exactly where each carbon fiber is placed and in which direction it is angled. This allows us to make each tube as light and efficient as possible with the wide range of moduli we use on each of our carbon frames. We then connect each of the tubes and cure them together, which creates a super-light, stiff and smooth riding frame. It is more labor intensive, but we can create better stiffness and flex properties with less material.

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Carbon Monocoque Construction

In our monocoque carbon construction techniques, we use CNT Carbon Technology and layering to create a one piece frame with a single mold and curing process. This technique is cost-effective, has great power transfer characteristics, has good dampening qualities, and is durable and strong.

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Mountain Tech

Included on Select Fezzari Mountain Bikes

Custom Suspension Tuning

We work directly with suspension companies like Fox, RockShox, and X-Fusion to design and tune shocks to work specifically with our frames. This provides the optimal rider experience and ties in with our FBS Analytics philosophy of making the complete system work optimally.

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Control - Handling

Maximizing control and lateral stiffness are priorities on our mountain frames. To do this, we use:

  • 142x12 thru axles
  • Tapered Head tubes
  • Offset chain stays
  • Post-mount braking systems (to minimize braking shutter and have more even braking)
  • Low Center of Gravity - The low center of gravity feel we are able to attain on our bikes is through frame design. Cornering and handling are increased and you don’t get that ‘top heavy feel’. On the bigger wheel sizes these days it especially helps, for example many people have been hesitant to ride 29ers in the past because they’ve felt as if they were too high off of the ground, with our design work and engineering on our frames we make any wheel size accessible to virtually anyone, as well as creating a low stand-over height.

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FRD Tetra Link

Fezzari full-suspension frames in general use 4-pivot suspension systems. In any suspension system, a vertical wheel path is preferred because it minimizes braking feedback and optimizes pedaling efficiency. We accomplish ideal wheel path through precise pivot positioning, an oversized rocker arm, and lots of testing and rider feedback. The benefits?

  • Smooth, linear braking
  • Optimal lateral stiffness in cornering
  • Efficient pedaling without unwanted feedback
  • Longer durability because the stress is distributed through 4 pivots

Also, by using oversized bearings, we ensure less frame resistance and superior durability.

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MP30 System

On the Main Pivot that connects the rear suspension to the frame, we use oversized sealed bearings and reinforced pivot tubes to increase the frame’s durability and rigidity. This minimizes frame wear and ovalization, and reduces maintenance.

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Fezzari Sealed Bearings

To maximize the performance and durability of our full suspension frames, we use sealed bearings where possible. They are fully replaceable cartridges. From 22 to 32mm in size, these bearings provide much more surface area to displace the energy from the suspension over a broader area for more efficient performance and optimal strength.

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FRD Smooth Glide Bushings

On some racing frames (Timp Peak models) we use Fezzari Racing Design Smooth Glide Bushings on certain pivots. Made of highly durable polymers, they are ultra-light and nearly frictionless for optimal performance.

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Road Tech

Included on Select Fezzari Road Bikes

Power - Stiffness

The bicycle is the most efficient human mobility device ever created. For every ounce of energy applied, more of it hits the pavement to move you forward. Nowhere is that better demonstrated than in our road bikes. From different types of carbon and tube shapes to proprietary manufacturing processes, our road bikes offer the latest in performance technology.

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A bike may be stiff and light, but if it beats you up when you ride, it's no fun. We carefully analyze frame feedback in different riding conditions to give optimal road dampening qualities (think eliminating the teeth-rattling little bumps on your ride). At the same time, we don’t want the frame to be so soft that it feels like a noodle. We strive for comfort and performance. We accomplish this through using different moduluses of carbon (high, medium, and low), the carbon fiber orientation and fabrication processes, shaping of tubes, Continuous Dispersal Band Technology (see more on this in Universal Tech), and frame geometries optimized for riding purpose. Some specific technical features on road bike frames include:

  • Horizontally shaped seat stays for comfort
  • Tapered head tubes for more stable power transfer
  • Low Center of Gravity frames (bottom bracket heights and geometries to match intended uses)

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Our advanced carbon and alloy manufacturing methods. From different advanced carbon layup processes to aluminum alloy fabrication methods, we are meticulous about weights and efficiencies. Comparing apples to apples, our frames are some of the lightest in the industry. For example, a complete Foré CR5 road bike can weigh in at under 14 lbs.

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Our bikes are optimized for particular purposes. We strive for aerodynamics, and we also want overall efficiencies through power distribution, overall weight, and ride comfort. Aero frames, bladed forks, geometries, and ride quality contribute to overall efficiencies.

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