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Aluminum is one of the most durable, light, and stiff metals available. Recent advances in aluminum bicycle frame building have made these alloy frames even better and caused a resurgence in its use. Fezzari uses the latest technologies available, and we trickle many of these technologies down to even our entry-level bikes.

Airform and Hydroform Processes

One of the biggest advantage, but also complaints of aluminum is its stiffness. Stiffness is great for efficiency and power transfer, but it's also less comfortable for riding. The goal is for a frame to be stiff laterally but have vertical flex. Through our air-form and hydro-form tubing processes we can shape the tubing and use butted tubes to make our frames have vertical flex and lateral stiffness, and also make them lighter and stronger.

Hand Welding

All of our frames are meticulously hand welded and then each is tested for compliance to our strict ISO 9000 standards. All of this translates into consistent manufacturing and a better riding frame.

Single-Pass Welding

Many of our bikes use a new welding process that makes the welds smoother, more consistent, and stronger - all while using less material to make the frames lighter.


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