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FBS Analytics (Full Bike System Analytics). We don’t just build frames, we build entire systems. All our frame technologies could go to waste if we didn't also look at the entire bike and the components. Although we use many new technologies, where possible we stay true to the simplest and most efficient systems, making them perform more efficiently and decrease maintenance.

The concept of simplicity and durability is the driving force behind every component choice on our bikes. We know that our bikes are great and we invest great effort to make sure that the components that we choose are up to the task.

Every single detail of every single component is analyzed thoroughly to make sure that they are not only compatible with each of our bikes, but that they are going to function at their best with all of the other components we choose. We don’t believe in sacrificing quality for any reason. We will go through many different iterations of the component choice on every bike to make sure that you get a bike that will perform at its best while not breaking the bank. This is a lengthy task, but we want you to have the best experience while riding our bikes. We strive to build best-in-class bikes.


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