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We use the highest grade materials available to build our frames. We incorporate the most up-to-date research into our suspension design, but there is so much more that makes up a great bike. We approach the design of our frames with a unique mindset. When you buy a Fezzari, you are getting a bike that has years of research and testing put into it. No shortcuts are taken when it comes to making sure our bikes are Built for Life.

Derailleur Hanger

We want you to enjoy your Fezzari for years and years to come. Because of this, we have incorporated design features to extend the life and usability of the frame. For example, our derailleur hangers are bolted to our frames with the threads in the derailleur hanger so that one stripped bolt doesn't render an entire frame useless.

Adaptable Cable Guides

We also make our bikes with adaptable cable guides so that you can run whatever drivetrain components you want. We strive for excellent design with our bike frames so that you can enjoy your Fezzari for the rest of Your life.

CleanCatch™ Cable Guides

Not only are our cable guides adaptable to any situation, our CleanCatch™ technology reduces rattling noises that come from internal cable routing. The guides hold the internal cables in place so you'll enjoy the pure sounds of biking.


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