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There are many variables when it comes to suspension and handling characteristics. We have spent years researching and developing the technologies used in our FRD Tetra Link suspension design. We optimized our suspension design to favor a playful yet composed ride, one that pedals efficiently while still soaking up the big hits. Fezzari utilizes computer analysis alongside real world testing to make the most of its suspension design. 

The FRD Tetra Link suspension is key to how a Fezzari mountain bike handles. We have chosen to develop this suspension design for many reasons. It is a simple system that doesn’t have a lot of complex components. This makes it a very durable and robust system that requires little maintenance. Because of its simplicity, Fezzari is also more able to fine tune the handling of the suspension to maximize pedaling efficiency through careful design of all the different elements of the system. We believe that less is often more. 

GA (Geometry Adjust) LINK


Here at Fezzari, we don’t settle for anything less than the best. Where some of our bikes have the option to run different wheel sizes, we have employed our GA Link to allow the rider to swap out different wheels on the same frame without altering the handling negatively. This way the bike maintains its optimized bottom bracket height and keeps the center of gravity evenly balanced.


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